Air Sealing

Experts At Finding Leaky Ductwork

One measure that almost every home can benefit from, especially older homes, is air sealing. Air travels between the indoors and outdoors through gaps in the basement between the foundation and the band joist, and in the attic where recessed lights and other penetrations (pipes, electrical connections) occur. In the winter, your home becomes a mechanism for heating the outdoors known as the stack effect. Warm air expands, becoming less dense and lighter, escapes into the attic through seams and then to the outdoors through the attic vents. Meanwhile, the warm air lost from your home is replaced by cold, dense air that pushes its way into your home through gaps in the foundation.

Locating and Sealing Leaks

Along with sealing leaky ductwork, air sealing is the most effective means of reducing home energy loss. Contact us today to arrange an energy audit and we’ll figure out how best to protect your home.