Other Services

Premier Contractors is pleased to offer the following additional services to our customers:

Attic Tent. For homes with a pull-down ladder access to the attic, we will install an airtight Attic Tent® hatch cover. This will prevent air movement along the seams around the hatch.

Bath Fan Ventilation Bath fan ventilation. All too often, bath fan vents terminate in the attic, where they introduce lingering moisture and other pollutants into the space, often damaging insulation and potentially causing structural and health problems. Not surprisingly, this is against code in many areas of the country. When our audit diagnoses such a problem in your home, we will ensure that a functioning vent stack is installed on your roof.

Duct, pipe, and water heater wraps. Much like insulating your attic and walls, these measures are an avenue to energy savings.

Elevated attic decks. Want to lay down a thick, effective layer of insulation, but don’t know what to do with those attic treasures you can’t bear to lose? Don’t despair, we can build you an elevated deck to hold those antiques, scrapbooks and childhood mementos, allowing the insulation to do its job underneath, unimpeded.

Quantapanel window treatments. Quantapanel® window treatments are storm window-like additions to enhance your existing window at a fifth of the cost of installing new windows. They can reduce window-related energy loss by 50%, to contribute to an overall reduction in lost energy of 7-16%. They come in various sizes and styles to match your existing windows.

Shower head aerators. Installing an aerator can reduce your water use significantly.

Weather stripping. The seams around your doors and windows are an obvious spot for air movement. We can provide and install weather stripping to curtail it.

Replacement windows. Energy star or R-5 available.