Satisfied Customers Reveal Home Energy Savings

Lee and Kevin are awesome and did a wonderful job with my home. God bless you.
~ Mindy V.

Al and Veronica were most courteous and productive, polite and efficient... a pleasure. Thanks you very much.
~ Ernestine V.

Thank you! Very polite, professional and on time! Great men.

~ Margaret O.

You were open and honest and did not pressure me into making a decision. I figure I would determine the quality of work based on my experience and expectation. Yes, we noticed a difference in the house. In addition, my mom noticed a difference immediately in her room and we also noted that the draft inside the microwave and the kitchen were eliminated...Thanks again for your service and we would definitely keep Premier Contractors in mind while speaking to others.
~ Natasha T.

Everything is great in the house now that the weatherization and insulation work is done.  Funny story, when we got that 12 inches of snow a while ago we turned up the heat for a couple hours in case we lost power.  When we finally realized that we wouldn't lose power and the worst was over we turned the heat back down.  Before the weatherization and insulation the heat would drop about 5-10 degrees per hour.  After the insulation work we found that it would take an hour to drop just 1 degree.  We were actually too hot in the house and had to open some windows in the middle of winter.  So that's how good of a job your company did. Hope that brought a smile to your face, because the extra heat brought a lot of sweat to mine.
~ Christian

The installers was on time and answer all my questions. They cleaned they work are very well. Great customer service. 
~ Abigail Rosario

The customer service provided was excellent. Very professional and friendly experience.
~ Diane Polite

Fantastic job! Very nice guys to deal with, everyone was personable and polite!
~ Virginia Invin

Delivery men were quite informative and very respectful. I thank you very much.
~ Dennis Zaremsk 

The men that installed the air conditioner were very great, respectful, polite and cleaned up after themselves. There were no problems at all.
~ Sandra Arnette

Justin did an excellent job and was very friendly. They installed my air-conditioner.
~ Edna Jones

They did  an amazing job and were very professional. I am very pleased with the work that was done.
~ Dominique Johnson

Very satisfied with the work and everyone was polite.
~ Wayne Ross

Great job!! Wonderful workers.
~ Kathleen Del Piano

Excellent employees! Extremely knowledgeable, conscious and friendly!
~ Tami Burdo