Summary of Benefits

How Energy Efficiency Upgrades Benefit Homeowners

By treating your home to an energy efficiency upgrade, you the homeowner can benefit in many ways:

 Home Energy Audits - Philadelphia Increased comfort. For homeowners who have experienced persistent problems with draftiness, being regularly too hot or too cold in a particular room or rooms, or being unable to get one floor or the other to the right temperature, we will find and solve the cause, whether it’s insufficient insulation, conditioned air leaking out of the home, or a leaky forced air system too sluggish to control house temperature.

  Energy savings. By making your home easier to heat and cool, we can reduce the length of time your HVAC systems will work, reducing your consumption of electricity and fuels. Depending on the initial condition of your home, you may realize annual savings of up to 30%. Most upgrades pay for themselves in less than ten years, and afterwards the savings remain in your pocket.

 Home Energy Auditor - Bucks County, PA

 Improved air quality. Experienced energy auditors and weatherization techs will tell you that one way to confirm an air leak in an attic is to look for where the insulation is streaked black- that’s where dust has been carried through. Unfortunately, dust, moisture, mold and volatile organic compounds can be carried into our homes without our noticing it- from the attic, a crawlspace or unconditioned basement, or the outdoors. Proper air sealing and treatment of leaky ductwork should virtually eliminate these conditions.

 Enhanced home value and salability. A home that is more comfortable, cheaper to heat and keep cool, and easier to keep clean is a desirable asset for a would-be homebuyer, a source of enduring value for a homeowner, and a contributor to a quicker sell and a more lucrative bottom line for a seller. Research has shown that energy efficient homes are less likely to go into foreclosure.¹




¹ Kenneth R. Harney, “Owners of energy-efficient homes less likely to default on loans”, Los Angeles Times, March 29, 2013.