PECO Participating Contractor

And bring even more energy-saving solutions to your home.

As a PECO participating contractor, we can help you make energy-saving upgrades, plus get valuable PECO rebates.

It Pays to Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency 

  • Increase market value compared to other properties. For every $1 decrease in annual energy costs, you increase the market value of your home by $20. If you decrease your energy costs by $300 per year, the value of your home increases by $6,000.*
  • Save up to 20% in energy costs for years to come.**

Save More When You Combine PECO Rebates

A 2,000-square-foot colonial home heated with electric heat — with a 1,000-square-foot attic and 100 square feet of rim joists — would be eligible for $915 in rebates:
Air Sealing = $200
Duct Sealing = $200
Attic Insulation = $500
Rim Joist Insulation = $15

Total Rebates = $915

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Why work with a PECO participating contractor?

1. Rebates as Instant Discounts

Only participating contractors can offer PECO rebates — and they can be offered as instant discounts. That means no rebate forms or waiting for a check. It's easy to get your rebate.

2. Quality Work

PECO participating contractors are trained and certified to nationally accredited Building Performance Institute standards and are North American Technician Excellence certified.

3. Easy Pricing and No Sticker Shock

Save time and stress in comparing home improvement costs. Participating insulation and air sealing contractors have agreed to pricing set by the program.

4. Peace of Mind

PECO offers a free quality check after work is completed. All participating contractors' work is routinely inspected to ensure superior quality and results.