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Homes and businesses with forced air systems typically lose up to 30% of the conditioned air to leaks.  30% of the warmed or cooled air that should be coming out of your bedroom register is instead released into the basement, the crawl space, the attic, behind your walls or under your floor. Why? Because ductwork has leaky seams, gaps or tears. Mastic paste is fine for sealing leaks that can be found- and reached- but only Aeroseal can automatically seal any gap or tear up to 5/8” in diameter, wherever it may be located.

How it works: We attach a tube to your ductwork, then introduce aerosolized sealant into an airstream flowing through. Wherever the ductwork is breached, some of the air will migrate out the opening, carrying particles of the sealant with it. As these particles strike the sides of the gap, they stick to the ductwork. Later particles stick to these particles, until eventually the gap is sealed.

While the machine is running, the level of leakage is being monitored, so technicians know when to stop the process. Leakage levels of 30% can typically be reduced to below 5%.

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The stakes are huge.  According to a McKinsey & Company study (graphic above), duct sealing is by far the most energy efficient action we can take.  Contact us to set up a consultation visit.